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Venetian Villas by Andrea Palladio


 A fascinating journey to discover an unforgettable network of Venetian Villas build on the great plain, between the Alps the lakes and the Venetia Lagoon.


Barbaro Villa from Maser   Treviso

The Villa Barbaro in Maser is one of the masterpieces of Andrea Palladio (1508-80), an UNESCO heritage, build in the centre of its thriving farm, from whose historical Cellar comes out wines of great value.



Villa Emo   Treviso

The Villa complex is inlaid into the agricultural setting of Fanzolo di Vedelago (TV),and includes not only the House and its dependances but also agricoltural area, the garden and the gate beside the group of rural houses so called Borgo Brolo.


Cà Corner Chiminelli   Treviso

This villa, located just outside Castelfranco Veneto (TV), was originally fenced  by a frescoed wall, of which today we can only see  the eastern side. The wall use to include the villa, the the courtyard and the garden, conceived  as spaces  for theatre and music event .        


VillaCornaro 2007 07 14 front 1.jpg

Villa Cornaro  Piombino Dese (PD)

Designed by Palladio for the powerful nobleman Giorgio Cornaro, the contruction yard of the villa remained open from 1553 until the end of the century. The villa is particularly well known for its frescoes by Paolo Veronese stored inside.


Cà Marcello    Padova

The area where today stands Villa Marcello was formerly known as a wide area of forest and wetland where the noble venetian family, started drainage  works at the end of the fifteenth century.



Villa Contarini    Padova

At Piazzola sul Brenta rises Villa Contarini, dating back 16th century. It is one of the most famous examples of noble houses  that contributed to create the so-called "civilization of the venetian villa "


La facciata della villa
Villa Pisani   Strà ( VE)


Also known as "The National", the Villa Pisani is one of the most famous examples of Venetian Villa on the Riviera del Brenta River. Inside the park there is a maze of boxwood hedges, single hedge maze (along with two others) survived until today in Italy



Villa Caldogno   Vicenza

In the sixteenth century the Caldogno’s agricultural territory at north of Vicenza was largely owned by the family of Caldogno, divided into several branches, each one  with villas in service of its agricultural companies. Among the residences , the most imposing is the villa built by Losco Caldogno after 1546


Teatro Olimpico   Vicenza
The TEATRO OLIMPICO is the first indoor theater in the world, with interiors made of wood, stucco and plaster. It was built on the project of the architect Andrea Palladio, between 1580 and 1585, the year it was opened.


Villa la Rotonda

Over the centuries, it was visited by poets and artists, kings and statesmen, students and art lovers, travelers and tourists. Villa la Rotonda gave to all an unforgettable emotion, a unique sense of harmony and grace  that gives a feeling joy and peace.


Villa Godi Malinverni   Vicenza

In a beautiful hilly and panoramic position with views on the mountains and the plain along river Astico, lies the stunning Villa Godi Milinverni. The re-organization of the property began in 1533 thanks to Antonio Godi


Villa Morosini Capperllo   Cartigliano VI

Commissioned by the Morosini family and facing the banks of the river Brenta, the origin of this villa is traced back to the 80 of the '500. Of the original complex, it remains only the seventeenth-century manor house and two outbuildings of 500, the latter inherited from a previous villa.


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