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Bassano del Grappa and Monte Grappa

War Memories Weekend  

Bassano del Grappa and Mount Grappa



Our itinerary starts with the discovery of Bassano del Grappa, a city with a long history and famous for its artistic, historical, natural and gastronomic treasures. The most popular attractions in the city is the Ponte Vecchio,  a wooden bridge  of ancient beauty created and designed by Andrea Palladio. In the city centre  you can visit the workshops of potters and antique shops, as well as enjoy the famous spirit Grappa Nardini of Bassano del Grappa,  known throughout the world for more than a century. Bassano, however, even before the city of water, is a city of middle ages  walls and towers; another urban symbol  is the fourteenth-century towr Torre Civica, which from its 40 meters already expressed in medieval times as strong a sense of urban identity to be quickly identified as municipal symbol as far as the  walls and Ezzelini Castle, located in the highest hill of the city,  the Civic Museum, one of the oldest municipal museums in the Veneto region, whose art gallery exposes the most complete collection of works by Jacopo da Ponte, said Bassano. The city also offers two other important museums: the Ceramics  Museum and that of the Alpini Museum dedicated to the glorious Italian regiment, located in the near the bridge, in which are kept interesting findings of the two World Wars and the Resistance with particular reference to the deeds and the history of Alpini.
The tour continues to explore one of the heroic locatin  the Great War on the Mount Grappa. Crossing the Road Cadorna, named after the general who ordered its construction in 1916, will take you to the top of the Mount Grappa . Once in Cima Grappa, a convenient parking allows you to stop and visit the Historical Museum of the War 1915-1918, served in the rooms of Barracks Milan. Within documents, photos, weapons and memorabilia; next to theMuseum is the entrance to the Gallery "Vittorio Emanuele", built in 1917. The ambitious fortification is spread over a mile (but comes with five branches) entirely excavated in the rock below the ridge of Mount Grappa. From the main hallway branching corridors where they were placed side vents artillery observers and machine-gun pits.
Continuing along the road you will reach Cadorna the imposing and austere silhouette of the Cima Grappa War Cemetery which houses the remains of tens of thousands of Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers killed in fighting on this mountain. The square in front runs the Via Eroica defined by two rows of stones in stone on which are carved the names of the places related to the battles of Grappa. Walking along, you reach the Portale Rome with its large panoramic terrace. 


Breakfast at the  hotel.
Day trip in one of the most significant  Great War places: the French Cemetery of Pederobba , stop in Valdobbiadene for an aperitif of Prosecco wine, and follow to  the scenic route between the river Piave and the Montello.
Stop for lunch in a local restaurant by the green hills of Treviso.
Continue with a visit to the Military Memorial of the Battle Nervesa on the banks of the historic river Piave, to get to the monument to the Fagarè della Battaglia a symbol  place of the "Piave whispered ...".
 Dinner in a typical restaurant in the area.

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